March 28 2023- June 20 2023

Thinking Into Results Jr.

Thinking into Results Junior has been designed for kids between the ages of 4 and 16. This peer-to-peer program is lead by Elloise Amos (age 12), who has studied with her parents since she has been 4 years old, Bob Proctor's 60 years of research on human potential in order to teach other children about mindset principles such as, the power of your attitude, the Universal Laws, goal setting, visualizing, how to respond rather than react, what to do when you feel fear, noticing that voice in your head and the benefit of powerful affirmations. 

Deadline to register: March 27, 2023


An in-depth 3-month journey to embody your upgraded identity

An exclusive program launching April 2023

May 23 2023- May 27 2023

Empress Mexico Retreat

Join Danielle in Cancun, Mexico - May 23-27, 2023 for a 5-day experiential and immersive transformational retreat to quantum shift your results this year!

**Limited space is available. Deadline to reserve is May 2, 2023**

The Abundance Movement

Join #theabundancemovement! The more people who recognize the beauty and feel the abundance of the world, the more beautiful and abundant the world becomes. 

#theabundancemovement is an on-going movement

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