Deep down you know you are made for more.

And in your heart you know you have been settling. It's a frustrating place to be. At the same time, you can't imagine
working any harder to get what you want. Danielle knows exactly where you are, she has been there.


You are made for much more — promise! What if you could learn a way to master your mindset,
align to your inner EMPRESS™ to work smarter, not harder — and live the life beyond your wildest dreams.


A full suite of programs with Danielle to help you transform your personal and business life!


Learn more about my personal success journey and how you can use the same principles in your life...


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Meet Danielle.


Danielle Amos is a business and success coach, lifestyle entrepreneur, and host of The Prosperity Practice Podcast. She is one of Bob Proctor's top consultants, she has earned the Gold Pin Circle of Excellence and is on her way to diamond. She earned Inner Circle status consecutively for the last fourteen qualifying periods. She has been quoted by some of the team at Proctor Gallagher Institute as the "self-image queen". Known for transforming her own image to create success, she shows others how to do the same to gain more confidence.

Danielle is recognized by her clients as having the perfect balance of left and right brain thinking. Her science background gives her the ability to teach the Universal Laws from a scientist's perspective. As well, she has an impressive background in spiritual training, which allows Danielle to bring an intuitive and more creative approach to the boardroom. This has been extremely effective when working with sales and executive teams. She has been responsible for increasing sales for teams, companies, and departments by 300-500%. A mentor to coaches that earn millions, it is normal for Danielle's clients to turn their annual income into their monthly income in a relatively short period of time by teaching them how the mind works.

Danielle is on a mission to help entrepreneurs have all they desire through the power of thought.

Transform every area of your life!

These programs are about more than just the money. It is about the person you become in the process. Your entire life will be impacted by positive change. The tools you will learn during our coaching aren't just for one area of your life - you can apply them in your career and business, relationships, and personal life.

Through this work my clients...

  • Realize their purpose and mission
  • Feel in control of your life
  • Turn their annual income into their monthly
  • Create careers and their dream jobs
  • Work less while earning more
  • Create deep connections with people in their life
  • And so much more!

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